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Project Status

Several Delaware County townships and municipalities are going through the Comprehensive Planning process and the Zoning Resolution amendment process, utilizing the Regional Planning Staff as contract planners. This represents some of the ongoing work being done in the county (updated 05/11/2016):

The Village of Sunbury
Sunbury is in the final stages of amending its Comprehensive Plan. The draft information below was posted on May 11, 2016 for review by the working group. 

     DRAFT Sunbury Comp Plan Document         DRAFT Comp Plan Map         DRAFT Thoroughfare Plan (Proposed Roads)

Genoa Township Sample maps for emergency purposes. Map 1, Map 2, Map 3, Map 4, Map 5, Map 6

Concord Township has completed its Comprehensive Plan update. Please click on Downloads above and go to the Zoning/Planning page. 

     Density Samples (from across county)


Townships recently using RPC staff to review and revise Zoning Resolutions (represents significant changes - smaller amendments, advice, and research is ongoing in many communities:
Berlin, Berkshire, Brown, Concord, County Code (Rural Zoning Commission), Delaware Twp., Genoa, Harlem, Kingston, Liberty, Oxford, and Troy.

Other townships and villages in Delaware County that have worked on or adopted RPC-led Comprehensive Plans:
Berkshire (+update), Berlin (+update), Brown, Concord (+update), Genoa, Harlem, Kingston, Orange (+update), Oxford, Porter, Scioto, Trenton, Troy, Village of Ashley, Village of Sunbury, and Village of Shawnee Hills (+update).

Completed plans and resolutions can be downloaded by visiting the Planning/Zoning page. 

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