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How do I request a GIS map?

If you need a custom map, the DCRPC has the ability to create one for a fee.  The DCRPC staff maintains over 100 GIS layers for the Delaware County.  The available GIS data was created by DCRPC, or provided by the County Auditors Office DALIS project and other county agencies.  Due to the large amount of available data, it is recommended that individuals who want to order a map contact the staff directly. However, a GIS Mapping Order Form may be downloaded and submitted to begin the process. Please note that maps are created as time allows and are usually completed within two days, depending on the workload in the GIS department.  According to the following schedule, the DCRPC will only charge material for the standard custom maps.  The non-standard custom maps may include an additional fee for staff production time. 


*Standard Custom Map



11 by 17 color



24 by 36 color



36 by 48 color



* Check GIS staff for Standard Custom Map

DCRPC GIS Services:

GIS Mapping

- GIS color map: map size from 8" by 11" to 36" by 48" (E size)

- Zoning map county-wide (E size) and by township (11" by 17")

- Township master plan maps

- Aerial Photo with topology maps

- Utility maps

- Development pattern maps

- Customized maps using more than 70 GIS data layers

DCGIS-Viewer (ArcExplorer by ESRI)

- On CD

- Zoning and Master Plan GIS Maps (ArcView Shape Files) with documents (Adobe PDF) by township

- All townships available.


Note: The Delaware County Auditor's DALIS Project website provides many free standard downloadable maps. To see if they have what you are looking for, click here: dalismaps  


The DCRPC developed the initial Geographic Information System in 1990 to conduct a county-wide master plan.  The system, developed as a specific application for the land use plan, was used to compile and manage the social and physical environmental data (almost 60 layers). Since then, the system has been expanded to a departmental GIS for reviewing new development projects such as subdivision and rezoning proposals and for creating township comprehensive plans.  Since 1998, the system has been used in monthly DCRPC meetings, township comprehensive plan meetings, and other public presentations. 

In 1999,  the DCRPC received an ESRI Local Government Start-up grant, which provided a variety of software such as ArcInfo, MapObjects, MapObjects IMS, and ArcView to help implement GIS in the RPC.  The grant also helped the DCRPC upgrade the departmental GIS to an Enterprise GIS by developing intranet GIS applications using MapObjects 2.0, MapObjects IMS 2.0, and ArcExplorer provided by ESRI.

In 2003, after a meeting with the County Data Center, it was concluded that the Data Center would help DCRPC locate a server at By using ArcIMS 4.1 technology, the DCRPC can host its own website with an Internet GIS application to achieve the goal of Societal GIS. This is still a future service.

During 2004, the DCRPC continued enhancing and improving the content of its website to make sure that the information (especially the township zoning code, zoning map, township comprehensive plan maps and documents, and Demographic Package and Development Trends) are shared with the public. All of this information was created with the help of our GIS application.  The staff also uses GIS to aid in preparing township comprehensive land use plans, for monthly RPC meetings, and other special projects. The GIS staff continues to provide high-quality, customized GIS mapping for the staff as well as the public. Two of our GIS maps (Village of Shawnee Hills Comprehensive Land Use Plan Map, and Combination Township Comprehensive Land Use Plan Map - Liberty, Berlin and Orange) were chosen for inclusion in "2003 ESRI Map Book" (ESRI, 2003), which is the only publication dedicated to acknowledging the important and innovative accomplishments of GIS users around the world.  One GIS map (Village of Shawnee Hills Comprehensive Land Use Plan Map ) was also selected as inclusion of "GIS Solutions for Urban and Regional Planning" (ESRI, 11/2003), which is an industry-specific brochure published by ESRI for demonstrating how Local Government can use GIS as a tool to design and plan their community.  GIS staff also used its Map Gallery to participate in various events, such as ESRI International GIS Users Conference, Ohio GIS conference, and GIS Day for Delaware County.

The DCRPC also used GIS as a backbone to contribute to the Delaware County Sewer Master Plan, not only by compiling GIS layers for mapping, but also by using GIS Spatial Analysis technology to analyze build-out scenarios and priority areas for future sewer service.  The GIS staff shared its experience in this project with other GIS professionals in 2003 Ohio GIS Conference (9/25/2003), and presented this project at the 2004 ESRI International GIS User Conference (8/2004). See the news page for more award information.

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