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How do I split a parcel?


What is a Lot Split?

ORC 711.131 permits a division of a parcel of land along a public street not involving the opening, widening, or extension of any street or road, and involving no more than five lots after the original tract (shown as a unit or contiguous units on the last preceding tax roll) has been completely subdivided. If these conditions are met, the application may be approved by the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission without a plat. The "No-Plat" subdivision procedure can be used for lots 5 acres or less. Lots larger than 5 acres with road frontage do not require DCRPC approval to be recorded and conveyed.

What are the rules?

The No-Plat lot split procedure is found in Section 207 of the DCRPC Subdivision Regulations.  An application shall include a deed and survey, approval by the township or county Zoning Officer, the Health Department / Sanitary Engineer, and the County Engineer or ODOT if on a state route. The County Engineer has created a flow-chart showing the lot split process HERE

What is the Cost?

See Fee Schedule.

Where do I start?

It is advisable to contact an surveyor and/or attorney. It is also advisable to discuss the project with your township zoning officer and DCRPC staff. The surveyor will prepare a development plan showing existing structures and waste disposal. The plan will also show proposed features, if you are creating a new building site. This development plan will include approval stamps from the 1) Zoning Inspector, 2) Health Department (or Sanitary Engineer, if on sanitary sewer) and 3) County Engineer (or ODOT, if on a state route).  Click here to download the No-Plat lot split form.

How long does it take?

If the application is not contrary to zoning, health, subdivision, or applicable platting regulations, it shall be approved by the DCRPC within 7 working days. Because of the 7-day time-frame, the applicant should secure the appropriate signatures prior to submitting the application. If the application is denied, the DCRPC shall inform the applicant of the issues and reasons for the disapproval.

Other Info:

The deed does not have to executed and may refer to the current owner of the parcel, if a buyer is not yet known. 


Although it is not a requirement that the legal description be "green stamped" by the Map Room before it is submitted to the RPC, it is advisable that the applicant do so to avoid delays when recording. 


The Map Department requires originals of the survey and legal description. It is recommended that these be first-generation prints. Large-size surveys are not acceptable for recording. Please submit prints no larger than 8.5 x 14".

Click here to download the No-Plat lot split form.

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