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How do I rezone my land?


What is a rezoning?

Townships have the authority to regulate, by resolution, a large number of uses and structures (See Ohio Revised Code Section 519.02) for the purpose of promoting the public’s health, safety, and morals. (County zoning is defined in ORC 303). Through legislative action, a township creates zones with corresponding regulations. If a property owner wishes to have the zoning changed on their land, they make an application to the township to have their property changed to another zoning designation.

Of the 18 townships within Delaware County, 15 have their own zoning resolutions. Marlboro, Radnor and Thompson township zoning is administered by Delaware County. (Contact incorporated areas directly for their process.) 

What are the rules?

An application must be obtained from the township or county zoning authority. The application may require a development plan depending on the type of rezoning. The township or county zoning commission places the application on their monthly agenda and subsequently asks the DCRPC for a recommendation. The DCRPC is required to give a zoning recommendation to the township zoning commission and trustees.

What is the cost?

The DCRPC does not charge a fee for "straight" district rezoning, but Planned districts require a $300 fee directly from the applicant to the RPC. The townships and county zoning authorities do charge fees (Contact the Township of County Zoning Officer for more information).

What is the process?

The rezoning process varies in length depending on the type of zoning and size of the project. A typical zoning process takes approximately 90 days from beginning to end. Two-step planned districts, Development Plan amendments, and administrative reviews are unique to specific projects and it is important that the applicant consult closely with the local community. 

The property owner initiates the rezoning process by submitting an application to the township zoning officer, who forwards the request to the DCRPC within 5 days. The DCRPC will place the rezoning on the agenda of its next scheduled public meeting, where it will review the request and make a recommendation to the township. The township zoning commission holds its hearing not less than 20, but not more than 40 days from the date of the application after the DCRPC’s recommendation. Within 30 days the Zoning Commission notifies the Township Trustees of its action (approval, denial, approval with conditions). The Trustees hold a public hearing at their next meeting. Once the Trustees act on the request, there is a 30 day referendum period before the zoning goes into effect. The full process is graphically shown in one of the two flowcharts:


Flowchart for rezonings in townships under County zoning (Marlboro, Radnor, Thompson).

Flowchart for rezonings in townships with their own Zoning Resolutions. 

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