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DCRPC Demographic information consists of the most recent decennial Census Summary File 1 (DP-1) for Population and Housing Characteristics by Jurisdiction in Delaware County, American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates (ACS data) for the county (Census Bureau), most recent Population Estimates, (Census Bureau 9/2013), Build-out Population Projections by Jurisdiction completed by DCRPC, New Construction Building Permits since 1981 (by jurisdiction), and Population Projections to 2030 (by jurisdiction and school district).  The 2012 ACS data provided the information for Delaware County including DP02 (Social Characteristics), DP03 (Economic Characteristics), DP04 (Housing Characteristics), and DP05 (Demographic and Housing). 


Interesting Trends

Delaware County is the 22nd fastest-growing county in the USA according to the 2010 decennial Census, but is no longer in the list 100 fastest-growing counties in the US according to the Census Bureau’s population estimate between 4/2010 to 7/2012.

Delaware County is still the No. 1 fastest-growing county in the state of Ohio whether in the 2010 decennial Census or in the Census Estimate between 4/2010 to 7/2012.  However, Franklin County replaced Delaware County as the fastest growing county in Ohio between 7/2011 to 7/2012 with growth rate of 1.38%, slightly ahead Delaware County’s 1.37%.

Between 4/2000 and 4/2010, the growth rate of Ohio (1.62%) was lower than Central Ohio (13.96%) and that of the United States (9.71%).

Based on the Census Bureau’s population estimates, the annual growth rate of Ohio gradually decreased from 2001 (0.29%) to 2005 (0.09%), rose from 2006 to 2007, dropped again from 2008 to its lowest point in 2010 (-0.04%), but rose a little bit after 2010.

From 2000 to 2010, the population growth rate of Central Ohio (13.96%) was higher than the United States (9.71%), as well as other metropolitan areas in Ohio. However, the annual growth rate is dropping as the same pattern as Ohio and other metropolitan areas in Ohio.

Since 1970, the population growth rate of Franklin County was been lower than the overall growth rate of Central Ohio . This suggests that the growth has spread out over Central Ohio beginning at about that point. Therefore, the RPC used the population data for the last 40 years to figure projections for the Step-Down method.

According to the population estimates by the Census Bureau, Delaware County experienced a 1.64% increase in population from 7/2010 to 7/2012, which is lower than the average annual growth rate between 2000 and 2010 (4.71%).  However, most counties in Central Ohio experienced a lower percent increase in 2012 than the average annual growth rate for last ten years except Franklin County.





Delaware County Demographic Report (Data to 10/2013)

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